PersonalDisplay transforms your tablet into a social and customizable display screen

Transform your tablet into a connected photo frame

PersonalDisplay display your pictures, your agenda, the weather forecast for your city, and more!

Whether you always want to have your schedule in sight or see pictures of some close family members appear in your kitchen, PersonalDisplay is suitable for a lot of situations.

Try it now for free on your tablet or your smartphone:

application screenshot
application screenshot
application screenshot
application screenshot

For the daily life

At what time is my appointment at the dentist ? Should I take my umbrella today? A short look at the PersonalDisplay screen will let you know!

For people allergic to technologies

Share your pictures with family and friends who are not at ease with screens and new technologies. Your grand-mother will be delighted to see your pictures appearing in her living room on PersonalDisplay!

For people suffering from memory loss problems

Manage the schedule, the pictures and all the settings of the person you take care of. It turns out that PersonalDisplay is an effective help for people suffering from the Alzheimer's disease or from Dementia at an early stage.


I could recycle my old Android tablet into a useful display screen. It wakes up automatically in the morning and let me see what's coming today. Then it switches off at 9:00 when I go to work. Really simple and useful.

Robert G., France

Since my Mother uses PersonalDisplay in her kitchen, she's much more aware of the current context and has a better notion of time. I put some family pictures with names, that helps a lot for her memory of people.

Liesbeth, Switzerland

PersonalDisplay is good at helping my mother with her short-term memory. I live abroad and it is a good way to improve the long-distance contact. With the calendar I can have conversations with her about the people visiting, and the pictures let me share with her what we live.

Mirjam, Nederland

I finally found an easy way to share pictures with my Grandparents. They still have some difficulties with e-mails, but with this solution, my pictures land right into their living room!

Véronique L., Suisse

My PersonalDisplay Console

It's on the Console that you define what the tablet will display. Pictures, schedule, settings, you can set everything comfortably from home, the tablet will update its data automatically.

It's also there where you can grant access to other people so that they can add pictures and events.

Don't hesitate to try out the demo version to get a better idea of how it works!

Go to the demo
Overview of the console My PersonalDisplay

Detailed features

  • Remotely manage all the pictures, the calendar entries and preferences on the My PersonalDisplay Console
  • Multiple caretakers, all the family can send pictures and other data!
  • Auto-refresh of the data on the tablet
  • Display of the current date and time, including weekday
  • Display of the weather for the place of your choice
  • Display of the daily calendar
  • Display of pictures with a title
  • Automatic go-to-sleep and wake-up of the device at the times you define (individual setting for each day)
  • Simple and clear interface, multilingual french, english (more to come)

Premium subscription

With the Premium subscription, there is no more limit in the number of pictures or events you can send. You can subscribe directly in the application.

Premium subscription: €2,95 / month

Subscriptions are renewed automatically, you can cancel them anytime in your Google Play account.

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